Brunswick Panatrope






Brunswick Panatrope Phonograph-Radio

Radio and Television Inc,  244 Madison Ave NY City, NY.

Power, 110v AC

12 Tubes, 6SQ7, 6SK7, 6V6GT, 6SQ7, 6SK7, 6SK7, 6SA7, 6SQ7, 6J5, 6SK7, 5U4GT.

5 Band receiver, braudcast 549 Kc to 1720 Kc,  2.3 TO 7.5 Mc (130 TO 40 METERS)., 7.25 to 23.5 Mc (40 TO 12.9 METERS), 9.2 TO 9.8 Mc (31 METERS), 11 to 12 Mc (25 Meters), The last position is for the phonogrph and disconnects the radio.

I found this radio at an estate sale in Morro Bay, Ca. It is a very nice radio and cabiner. It has been hard to find any information on on this radio. No model number or any informationon the cabinet found.