The Kolster K-21 was made in 1928 by Kolster USA. It's a 8 tube broudcast receiver with 4 AM circuits and powered by 110 AC. It orginally sold for $160.00. The speaker and the radio are in seperate walnut wood cases.

This radio was given to me by my causin Thomas Krukowski. When I receided it the case had a greenish tint to the finish. After a lot of research I decided to try and refinish the speaker case first. I used Gojo hand cleaner and 0000 steel wool to remove the green tinted finish. This left a lot of the original stain in the walnut case. I then used Briwax to finished and polish the speaker box. Now I need to start on the radio case. The following photos of the speaker are before and after being refinished. I will add photos of the radio when I finish it.